The all weather snow guns

Geneglace machine’s are used to produce snow in warmer temperatures. A number of ski runs are kept open for five months of the year in regions of limited natural snowfall.
The snow produced also allows snowmaking at low altitude.

Fresh snow, wherever you want it,
whenever you need it.

It is now possible to create a winter wonderland at any time (-10 to +35°C)

Flake-ice has been used since the early 90’s in ski resorts to make up for a lack of natural snow. The technique involves producing very small pieces of dry flake-ice and spraying it in the form of crystals on the ski slopes to form a covering of snow.

Unlike traditional techniques, the all weather snow guns produce snow when the outside temperature is above zero °C.

Ski resorts can therefore schedule the opening dates for their pistes, guarantee snow even in periods of mild weather and overcome wear by rebuilding a layer of quality, skiable snow overnight.

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