Flake-ice is small ice in flat pieces.It is used in cooling seafood, in meat processing and in a whole range of industrial processes. Flake-ice is dry and sub-cooled (-6°C approx).

Optimise the cooling of your product.

Ice, as it melts, enables a product to be cooled and protected from dehydration. Furthermore, the temperature and specific form of Flake-ice offer extra benefits to many food and industrial processes.

Substantial cooling power.

Slightly sub-cooled, flake-ice is also a dry ice. The ” ice only ” feature of its manufacture means that the latent heat, the principal source of the cooling energy, is 100 % available. The dry flake-ice at -6°C therefore works far more effectively than wet ice.

Rapid cooling

Precise temperature control of a mixture.
As flake-ice is dry, its cooling input can be accurately calculated and its effects on the temperature of the mixture are quickly apparent. This feature is critical in the chemical and meat processing industries as well as for bakeries or concrete cooling.

Easy handling and storage

Flake-ice is free flowing, its flakes do not stick together and form blocks. They are light and cushion the product to reduce the risk of crushing or deterioration. Flake-ice does not contain any unfrozen water, it can be stored at below-zero temperatures.

Thanks to the above features and because its production cost is moderate compared to most of the other kinds of ice, flake-ice is used in large quantities in many industrial and food processes.


December 12, 2017

Geneglace is bought by its managing director Serge Vidal.  This  new independence will enable Geneglace to reinforced its positioning on its markets as the ice solutions leader

June 16, 2011

Fusion with GEA Refrigeration France S.A.S

New name GEA Refrigeration France S.A.S

Geneglace Ice Technology Center

July 1st, 2008

Conversion of GENEGLACE sas into GEA Geneglace s.a.s

Geneglace employs 40 people

January 1st, 2003

The subsidiary GENEGLACE sas is created by FRIGOFRANCE;


After the Dutch Group GRASSO, specialized in Refrigeration, Frigofrance belongs to the German group GEA GROUP.

The group of about 200 companies, employs 20,000 people worldwide

1978 Creation of FRIGOFRANCE

Manufacturer of flake ice machines – GENEGLACE brand and other products